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  • Race Silencer

    Race Silencer
    Product Description
    These stainless silencers feature a shallow megaphone and re-packable end can. The complete baffle assembly is removable so that new wadding can be wrapped around the central perforated tube, ensuring that the silencer be fully re-packed with ease.

    The silencer has a mounting bracket welded to it and a small patch to protect it from damage caused by rear stand bobbins. We recommend mounting the silencer from the upper rear shock mounting bolt (bracket not included) and the front pipe under the footrest (clamp bracket and cotton reel mount are included).

    The systems have been tested on our own bikes and give excellent performance and a comfortable noise test pass. (Please note that we cannot guarantee the same results on non-Works Racing engines).
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    • Part Number: MN.CP.
    Excludes VAT: £410.00