Works Racing Team unaffected by ‘Brexit’

Works Team Unaffected by 'Brexit' Prime Ministers may be resigning, cabinets may be collapsing and European Parliaments may be in melt-down, but its business as usual for Works Racing.

Certainly the Team’s number one rider Glen 'Glenda' English seemed oblivious to the political carnage taking place in the United (just about) Kingdom as he cruised to victory in the opening Bonhams British historic GP race at Castle Coombe on Saturday. Works engined bikes had posted the top three times in qualifying in the morning, but it was Glen who took the lead on lap one and never looked like losing it throughout the race. Sundays racing was a different matter though, Glen had to pull out of the first race with a sticking throttle and the second race had to be abandoned after a really nasty high speed accident on lap one. Four riders went down and three ended up in hospital. All are recovering but our best wishes for a speedy recovery go out to all of them.

This year Glen is riding a bike prepared in house at Works Racing but owned by friend of the team Ed Fenwick. As a long-time Works customer it goes without saying that Ed has exceptional taste in quality engineering, but as well as his cammy Nortons he owns a beautiful MV Augusta 500cc triple. He brought this along to Castle Coombe and let Glen have a blast on it in the Sunday morning sunshine. Glen really only has one speed; fast, and so in spite of the bike being worth more than a Euro MP's annual expense claim he proceeded to 'win' the parade, catching and passing some very serious modern race bikes in the process. The bike looked and sounded magnificent but evidently Ed was unsure whether he should be ecstatic or terrified to see his bike circulating so quickly!

The next outing for the team is at Donington Park on the 5th, 6th and 7th of August. Until then the company's CNC machines will be flat out as usual making the parts to build more engines to ship to customers all over the world. We now have motors in Japan, Australia, New Zealand, USA and of course Europe. The very weak pound has already seen new orders come in from Asia but luckily there is only one part in the Works engine (the US-made valve springs) that is imported, so the exchange rate will not affect engine prices for British and European customers – another benefit of making almost all the parts in-house.

If you want to know more, come and visit us at Donington. We will be very pleased to talk to you about bikes, engines and racing, but not politics please.