Steve Jordan Motorcycles join Works Racing.

Steve Jordan Motorcycles

Steve Jordan Motorcycles and Performance is a Surrey-based outfit who are well known for their road bike servicing and race bike preparation. Steve and his wife Sarah both have huge personal racing experience too and Steve has been riding a Works Racing built Norton in the Lansdowne BHGP class for a couple of years.

Steve Knows racing and race bikes inside out, but until recently he had limited experience of classic bikes. Works Racing is now very pleased to announce that Steve has personally attended a training course covering all the finer points of the DOHC Norton engine up to and including a full rebuild. He now has the knowledge and equipment required to perform any service operation.

Steve and his team will offer two services to Works Racing customers: Firstly he will act as a service centre for our products. Secondly, he can provide a full support package including pre-race meeting preparation and 'at the circuit' support, effectively a complete 'arrive and drive' package.

If you are interested please contact Steve or Sarah on 01372 453322.