New machine will bring more manufacturing in-house.

Nakamura AS200 Turning Centre

Works Racing has recently taken delivery of a brand new Nakamura AS200 turning centre. This is a state of the art CNC lathe that can produce turned and milled parts with incredible precision and speed.

The Nakamura is a very advanced machine – it has the conventional X and Z axis of a standard CNC lathe, but it also has Y and C axes, which when combined with the 15 station tool turret (which can accommodate 15 driven tools) can produce complex turned and milled parts in one setup, with ultimate precision.

The machine is a big step forward for the company because it allows the manufacture of many more parts to be brought in-house. Spindles, studs, shafts, gear blanks, caps, spacers etc. can all be produced; in fact barring specialist parts like the crank and piston, just about every part used in the outfit’s 30M engines can now be made on either the new machine or the company’s faithful 4-axis Haas machining centre.
Nakamura AS200 Turning Centre
In addition to engine parts the machine is ideal for producing many chassis parts too. Steering stems, footrests, wheel spindles and special fasteners will be simple to make, but on the chassis side the ultimate objective is to produce complete brake hub assemblies. Watch this space for more news on this project during 2015.

We will add some videos of the machine in action over the coming weeks.