Further investment in manufacturing at 'The Works'.

Nikken Boring Heads

In engineering, perfection is an unachievable target, but that doesn't mean that we shouldn't strive to attain it. But getting close to perfection requires a continuous and never ending effort - making sure that every process is constantly monitored, every variable constantly optimised.

In the manufacture of racing engines, the success of one's search for perfection is easily measured, providing one has the correct metrology equipment.

At Works Racing we believe in using the best possible kit and so from day one we have enjoyed the luxury of using state of the art measurement equipment to monitor our manufacturing. Tools like three-point bore micrometers don't come cheap, but without them real precision is hard to achieve.

The latest addition to the Works Racing machining arsenal is a set of Nikken boring heads. Nikken is the world's leading supplier of these parts and their quality is second to none. The kit includes five boring heads, each fitted with a single-point tungsten carbide cutting tip.

Unlike traditional heads which use potentially flexible boring bars, the tip is mounted directly in the head for maximum stiffness. The result is the ultimate tool for producing straight, cylindrical bores. Tolerances of a couple of microns (1/10000th of an inch) are achievable - ideal for Norton main bearing and oil pump bores.

Works Racing has already established itself as a supplier of extremely precise parts. Now it can take another step closer to perfection.