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    Fork Yokes
    Product Description
    These yokes are made to the highest possible standard. They are designed to closely resemble the original, late type short roadholder Manx yokes (7" centres) but are made from much higher grade materials to significantly increase stiffness and durability, whilst greatly reducing weight. They are aimed at the competitive racer who wants the very best parts.
    The specification is as follows:
    Bottom yoke: CNC machined from high tensile 7000 series alloy - the strongest of all aluminium alloys. The yoke is pocketed on the underside to reduce weight. The design of these pockets was optimised using finite element stress analysis conducted on the 3D CAD model. Two pinch bolts are used on each side to optimise the clamp loads of each stanchion.
    Stem: This part is manufactured from EN16T steel - a high quality engineering alloy. The thread is precision screw cut.
    Nuts: These are CNC machined from billet. The threads are produced by thread milling, ensuring the best possible thread form.
    Top yoke: Again this is CNC machined from high quality alloy. The yoke steps down as it reaches forwards - as per the original. If the CNC look is not to your taste, then the parts could be polished or lightly rubbed down to remove the machining marks and painted black as original. Total weight of all components: 1280g - Much lighter than the original assembly. Please allow 7 days for delivery as these parts are made to order.
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    • Part Number: MN.CP.
    Excludes VAT: £500.00