2MTT Replica Magnetos Back In Production.

2MTT Replica Magneto Production of the excellent electronic 2MTT replica ignition system previously produced by friend of Works Racing David May, has been moved in-house. This is the ignition that has proved so successful on the Works team’s bikes over the last 5 years, proving 100% reliable in all conditions, including the Isle of Man Classic TT.


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4LS Front Brake

After 12 months of testing, development and production preparation, Works Racing is very pleased to announce the introduction of an all new product; the 4 leading shoe double-sided magnesium front brake used by Norton for the production Manx race bikes for 1962 – the last year of Manx production. . .


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Steve Jordan Motorcycles join Works Racing.

Steve Jordan Motorcycles

Steve Jordan Motorcycles and Performance is a Surrey-based outfit who are well known for their road bike servicing and race bike preparation. Steve and his wife Sarah both have huge personal racing experience too and Steve has been riding a Works Racing built Norton in the Lansdowne BHGP class for a couple of years. . .


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New machine will bring more manufacturing in-house.

Works Racing has recently taken delivery of a brand new Nakamura AS200 turning centre.
This is a state of the art CNC lathe that can produce turned and milled parts with incredible precision and speed. . .


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Works Racing Motor Cycles Ltd. moves to all new premises.

Works Racing Motor Cycles Ltd., the renowned manufacturer of engines and spare parts for race and road-going Manx Nortons, has moved to an all-new purpose built premises.


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Works engines now benefit from 5-axis CNC Porting.

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The inlet and exhaust port shapes are two of the key variables that affect air flow through, and therefore power produced by a high speed internal combustion engine. Small changes in the cross sectional area of the ports produce changes in gas velocity that can greatly effect volumetric efficiency.

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Further investment in manufacturing at 'The Works'.

Nikken Boring Heads

In engineering, perfection is an unachievable target, but that doesn't mean that we shouldn't strive to attain it. But getting close to perfection requires a continuous and never ending effort - making sure that every process is constantly monitored, every variable constantly optimised.

In the manufacture of racing engines, the success of one's search for perfection is easily measured, providing one has the correct metrology equipment.

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New threaded exhaust option

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One or two new engine customers have asked for their Works engine to come ready to accept an original style threaded exhaust ring as opposed to the 4 bolt flange favoured by most racers.

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