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  • 30M Oil Pump Assembly

    Oil Pump Assembly
    Product Description
    The Works oil pump looks just like the original Norton part and is fully interchangeable. However, inside, the pump is up-rated and features the very latest Formula 1 style porting. This avoids the cavitation that the original pump suffers from - An essential upgrade if running a plain big end bearing.

    The body is machined from 7000 series alloy. This is a very hard material that resists wear and has a coefficient of thermal expansion close to that of magnesium. This ensures that the pump body remains a good fit in the crank case as the engine warms up.

    The pump is available in the standard 44.450mm (1.750") external diameter or at any oversize up to 44.75mm (1.762").

    Please specify what diameter you would like when ordering.
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    • Part Number: MN1.07.AS1.AA
    Excludes VAT: £400.00